Monday, August 07, 2006

daily adventures

I took William to the doctor today for something minor. I signed in at the window, made sure that William headed toward the "well" room and not the "sick" room, and then completed the insurance questions. Finally I turn around to walk into the waiting room -- which was thankfully empty with the exception of my crew -- and I saw this:

William had taken a bunch of chairs and quickly lined them up like a train. He then got Grace on board and they sat and read their chosen books and magazines on the train. It's one of those moments where you almost say, "What in the world are you thinking?!? Put that back!" but then you stop and think about your silly four year old boy and his world of imagination. I snapped a picture and let them set in the train until the nurse called our name and then I quickly put the chairs back into the place. Truly a moment where I realized that they will only be little for a moment. I need those reminders sometimes, don't you?

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Caroline said...

Ann, He reminds me of Tommy he still does those things, like line things up and stuff. It is amazing what goes on in those little heads