Thursday, August 10, 2006

the sleepover

This is not the first sleepover Jordan has hosted, but somehow I sense that we are getting to the stage where this will become a more regular occurance. Girls love to talk for hours and what better opportunity than at a sleepover. Here is proof that we are hosting a successful sleepover:

- Three movies and counting: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Barbie Diaries, High School Musical and Nannie McPhee awaiting an early morning viewing

- Tomgotchi Networking

- Several raids by a little brother dying to see what it's like to hang out with Jordan's friends

- A little sister who wants to sit in the girls laps

- Bowls of ice cream with Magic Shell Chocolate topping and Peanut Butter/Chocolate chips

- Bowls of popcorn, Hot Dogs, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

- A room made clean by the motivation of the party

- One round of a board game

- Lots of pillows, lovies, and fancy pajamas

- Sleeping bags everywhere

- An immenent pillow fight

And in other matters, we attended all the open houses today. Jordan's teacher is one of the 20 new, young teachers at her school so we are hoping and praying that this year goes well. We had promised William a chance to meet his teacher all this week. When we got to the Meet and Greet tonight for his K4 class we found out that the primary teacher had been held for jury duty this week on a court case. Poor William, he had looked forward to meeting her. The teacher's assistant was there and did a great job fielding the classroom of anxious parents. William seemed right at home in the classroom and went to building some kind of double decker lego airplane. He also inspected the computer situation and book titles on the shelf.

I was cracking up today. It is becoming more apprent that William knows much more than he wants to reveal. Lately he keeps making these slipups which show us that there is a lot going on in that mysterious boy mind. Today we saw an ambulance and he said, "Look there is a two on that firetruck -- no actually it is a twenty!" and he was right. Then he immediately played dumb when we responded to his discovery. ("Oh, is that a number or a letter on that truck Mom?") Two days ago he just read the word "puppy" on a Blues Clues special, but then feigned innocence when I praised him for it. LIttle stinker. Are boys just like that about learning?


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Dorable said...

Ann, you must be a saint. I have banned Pookie from having them here because they stay up literally all night. The way our house is arranged, all the noise carries and we just dont have one of those bonus rooms where you can just shut the door and not hear anything. Hope the kids all have a good start to the year!

Caroline said...

Alia is just waiting for me to say yes to a sleepover. And I see you are very brave. I have been thinking about it. Sounds like I would have to get lots of supplies for the party.

As far as boys go, Tommy does the same thing. Like we know he knows how to read, but doesn't let anyone know. So get ready for many years of that.