Wednesday, May 03, 2006

blue angels

On Sunday we left church and went straight to the Naval Air Sation Atlanta for the Blue Angel's show. Amazingly the traffic situation was better than we had anticipated. We drove straight to the base with no wait and parked in the Lockheed lot and then took a bus ride to the airfield. Dave's Dad has spent lots of time there since he worked for Lockheed for years. We got to pass the building where he worked. Though we've passed the base before that was the first time Jordan and William understood where he worked while Dave was a child. This was also Dave's chance to expose the kids to Navy life. Even Jordan doesn't remember much about him being in the Navy though he spent 10 years in the service including one war conflict.

Dave took the big kids around to the static displays while Grace napped with me. Delta had a huge airliner there and the kids got to sit in the pilot's chair. Navy Divers played tic-tac-toe with kids. The preshow and the big show were great -- even awesome -- and I was glad we had earplugs along. Even Grace wore them. Even with the earplugs you could feel the engine sound in the pit of your stomach. William did pretty well with the intense sounds (he's normally sensitive to certain sounds) until halfway through the Blue Angel Show and then he simply curled up the fetal position and wanted the world to go away. 15,000 people plus jet sounds was just too much at the moment. Afterwards we let the kids go to the play area and they got some time in the bouncy slides and trampoline contraptions. Here are the photos:

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