Thursday, May 04, 2006

happy birthday sunshine

Warning - sappy thoughts ahead.
9 years ago I was basking in the glow of first time motherhood. Jordan was born early on a Sunday morning in Honolulu after a long and difficult labor. She was 17 days overdue and I didn't think I could stand being pregnant another minute. My labor started at a movie theater (See Dave for his hilarious story concerning this...let's just say I got the refund on our movie tickets back.) on a Friday afternoon. The nurses and doctors at Kapiolani Women's and Children's Medical Center were wonderful...and when Jordan finally got there they placed a bet on her weight. The losing better was to buy pizza for the crew's lunch. It took us a few hours to get her accurate measurements because in Hawaii everything is done at a slower pace. 9 pounds, 12 ounces and a long 22.5 inches. She had so much dark black hair that the nurses proceeded to make pony tails with it. Apparently our baby was the big one of the day because most of the babies in the nursery were 5-6 pounds. The nurses constantly took Jordan out to the nurses station to play with her. Although we were half a world away from our family, we were blessed to have a church and military family who welcomed Jordan with open arms.

Jordan's father nicknamed her Sunshine and that has been true of both her personality and talents. Jordan does things her own way, in her own time...but when she does them it is perfection. She embodies both Dave and my personalities -- both artistic and detail oriented with a wicked sense of humor. Friendly, kind and outgoing, yet still requiring her dose of quiet time each day. I can't wait to see the person she will become and yet I hardly want to see her grow up. Time is passing far too quickly.

Happy 9th Birthday Jordan!


Caroline said...

Wish Jordan a Happy Birthday from us. They grow up so fast.

Ann said...

Thanks Caroline. We just celebrated the official date last night with a little family dinner. Pop-pop came over and brought her a bunch of American Girl Mystery books.