Tuesday, May 09, 2006

just another relaxing weekend

We had such an eventful weekend that I feel the need to blog it. Unfortunately I am so doggone exhausted that I'll have to make it a bullet list. Actually, this may benefit everyone involved. I get to sleep at a more decent hour and you don't fall asleep reading the details.

• Jordan became a Junior Girl Scout on Friday night. Her service unit held a bridging ceremony at a local church. It's hard to believe she's been in Brownies for three years now.

• William began the spring season of T-Ball at the YMCA. It is so much fun to watch them learning the basics. Dave ended up volunteering for to be the team's parent coach on Saturday. We all made the practice game on time despite the fact that we had to get five people up, fed, and sunscreened before 8:45 am.

• Jordan then took her gymnastics class at 11:30 while I worked out. Later that afternoon she played volleyball and was thrilled to see that her practice had paid off. She scored a point for the team by serving a ball correctly.

• Jordan got her ears pierced on Sunday afternoon. This was the big gift from us and she has been dying to have it done for over a year now. It was a bittersweet moment when I held her hand during the procedure. She still needed and wanted me there...and yet, I see the day approaching when that will not be true. We've been cleaning the ears three times a day in hopes that we can prevent an infection and complications.

• Grace is in full blown "I do it" mode. I know this is perfectly normal for a 22 month old, but that doesn't eleviate the complications this causes daily. Here she is intent on buckling her seatbelt:

• Later Sunday afternoon we toured the lakeside Girl Scout Camp where Jordan will be attending for a week this summer. I think she's going to have a wonderful first time experience there. One of the first stops on the tour was the horse stables. Jordan spent her time at the horse stables laughing at the names of the horses. Meanwhile William spent his time there lamenting about the flies and why they hang out around the horses. Grace was thrilled to see the horses and just kept pointing at them while squealing non-stop. Here is the gang walking down to the docks where the sailboats (!) are kept:

• Dave departed for a business trip following our camp tour and will be gone until late Friday night. He's my hero though. On Saturday, before he left, he completed the majority of our backlogged laundry by taking it to the laundromat. I was mortified, but he's always the practical one. Having grown up in that same laundromat he saw it as the most efficient way to get our chores done on Saturday. He deserves some extra days at the golf range for the miracle he performed.

• And just as I was about to lose it with William on Sunday night -- he was in adorably cute, but looking for trouble mode after his Dad left for the airport -- he pulled a Dr. Seuss book (Hop on Pop) out of his bookcase and reads the first five pages flawlessly. This was a book we had not read for almost a year. I'm not sure what to make of it, but the mere fact that he is interested in taking control of a book and reading it to me is awesome. That boy is going to kill me yet.


Caroline said...

Sounds like you had an extremely busy weekend. Kids grow up so fast. The T-ball picture is so cute and Grace trying to get her seat belt on is precious. Does Don still own the laudromat? I don't remember. I lost track of my day today trying to clean house and get ready for purple heart next week. Well tomorrow is another day.

Ann said...

I'm not sure whether to call it busy or normal. The end of the school year always makes things more complicated too.

Don and Helen sold the laundromat in Spring of 1995 -- just weeks before Dave graduated with his master's degree from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. We didn't think they would be able to see him graduate, but once the store sold they bought a travel van and headed west to see us in California. I'm so thankful they had some good years to feel retired before Helen got sick. Running that store was an exhausting hands-on job, but it was a good living for years. Dave said being back on those concrete floors reminded him of how tiring a day there could be. He was five when they bought the store so he literally grew up there.

Ann said...

Caroline - What is the purple heart? A donation pickup?

Caroline said...

Purple heart is a donational organization that collects clothing and household items and electronics, and then sells them for veterans in the hospital and helps them make money. Kind of like Salvation Army or Amvets.

beth said...

ann, i am exhausted just reading this.

Ann said...

BETH!?! War Eagle Beth? I'm so excited that you posted a reply. Does this mean that Laura is now sleeping through the night? How is her ear infection? I know you are exhausted from dealing with that.

Thanks for dropping by...you made my day.

mgzsd said...

Sorry Ann, wrong Beth. This is Beth Carder.

Ann said...

Awesome...you may not be a War Eagle fan, but you are cool anyway. ;-)

How are things with your crew? This end of the school year thing is exhausting. Our last day is the 26th. How about you?