Monday, May 01, 2006

jordan's birthday party

It's been quite a busy weekend. Jordan's birthday is on May 4th and we celebrated it this weekend. Honestly, it was a much quieter event than last year's celebration. Last year we invited 27 kids for a birthday luau (since Jordan was born in Honolulu) figuring that some would decline. No one did. All adults involved were jello by the time it was over. This year I suggested that Jordan might want to do something special with fewer friends. A sleepover came up, but there were just too many things on the school and sporting calendar to allow it to work out. (I was so disappointed...LOL) Jordan decided to go to
Club Libby Lu and then out for lunch with some close friends. Club Libby Lu is the total girl experience...not exactly my idea of relaxation, but fun to a nine year old girl. The party worked out great. My only complaint is that the "Tween Idol" costume that Jordan picked out bared the midriff. It's my fault for not investigating the costumes more closely before the party day. I was so intent on the makeup issues that I forgot to look over the clothing. You might be able to see the blue lipstick in the photos that had me cracking up. (Click on any photo to enlarge it.)

Here are the girls before we went into the store:

Dancing around to the loud music...see the microphones?

Jordan had a
Pooch Parlor Party at Libby Lu. Here they are picking out their dogs and the dog carrier/handbag which were the takehome from the makeover. I opted for that instead of a bagful of makeup. Dave liked my decision.

A hug after the party was over

Jordan didn't know where we were headed for lunch. We took the gang to
Joe's Crab Shack since Jordan is a fan of shrimp. That's where we did the cake after lunch. Dave noted that the same girls who were so gung-ho on a makeover full of girlie stuff were thrilled to have a playground to hang out on. Ah, the very definition of a nine year old...caught between two ages.

Here is the cake we picked to match the Pooch Parlor theme at Libby Lu. I thought it turned out cute. The eyes are made out of

After lunch they are awaiting cake and ice cream. The day was cooler than normal, but we sat outside so they could come and go from the playground.

Even William and Grace had a good time. They were pretty good sports about the whole big sister birthday thing. I was particularly proud of William since it is very hard to not be the center of attention when you are four.

The obligitory
chicken dance (beware: link has audio)...and yes, she made it all around the restaurant without dying of embarrassment.

And the presents

One last funny. I had the girls with me in the van throughout the day. On the return trip home an American Idol type competition began with the radio songs. The girls put those headphone on and were belting it out. Then, because all of them had been in the Murdock 3rd grade Chorus together recently, they suddenly reverted to the songs they knew best of all. One was entitled COFFEE and the other was an
ancient English hymn. It was quite an odd sight -- ancient english hymns with American Idol makeup and microphones. Delightful in fact because they were purely happy together as friends.

If you made it to the end of this marathon post I'll be impressed. If you have the energy to post a comment, I'll be even more impressed. I have more photos to share from Sunday, but will save those for tomorrow's post. We went to see the Blue Angels at the Naval Air Station. I even managed to get some decent photos as they flew by in formation. I'm sure you've got your fill of family photography today. ;-)


Terrie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for Jordan!

You are a fantastic mom, Ann, who truly seems to know her children down into the depths of their sweet souls.

I can't believe that little adorable munchkin is 'baby' Grace!

Ann said...

Geez, made me cry. You are the one I am amazed's been a long few years for you and your family and yet those darling girls of yours keep thriving. I think of you every time I wear my necklace.