Friday, May 12, 2006

so tired

How in the world does the week go by so quickly? Dave's been gone since Sunday night and I feel like I've been going nonstop every since...problem is I need a few more hours each day. that I think about it, more hands would be better than more hours. Not likely that God's going to change the 24 hour setup anyway, right? I'm beginning to like the cloning idea.

Know how busy our last weekend was? Well, that continued this week. Now I feel like I could sleep for weeks. Dave managed to time his trip when a "big project" was due. Jordan was assigned a Greek Mythological figure. She dressed like the character, did research on the character, and then made puppets and a makeshift background to do the performance. This was all for a pull-out classroom so the regular homework continued on top of this assignment. I don't do the project, but someone has to take the child to Walmart and finally say, "Are you going to do a poster project, a speech, or something else? What supplies do we need to get?" Of course, in true Jordan fashion she chose the "something else". I should learn to just cut on the hot glue gun when one of these project assignements arrive.

Grace can officially be called a Daddy's Girl. From the time Dave left she called his name -- Dada -- throughout the house. On Monday the lawn people came. When Grace heard the noise outside she dashed to a window and began to yell his name to the poor man cutting our grass. I pulled her away from the window and told her that Dada flew to Maryland on a plane and would be back on Friday. (Do 22 month old kids keep a daytimer?) So each time she hears an airplane pass she jumps to her feet, points to the sky, and exclaims, "Dada home?"

This afternoon she was in a bit of a tantrum so I put her into timeout for a minute. (Literally a minute.) The girl is screaming her head off at me when she hears an airplane over her cries. She stops the tantrum and immediately does the "Dada there?" routine.

Mama will be happy to see Dada. ;-)


Beth said...

Ann, My kid's are off school today. This is the last of the inclement weather day's. They are done with school in 2 weeks. We are busy with baseball,end of the year parties,field day,teacher gifts and all that goes with the end of the year. We are ready for it all to be over with. We are going to juggle my job for the summer and see how it goes. I'll probably work Sunday morning's and then 2 nights during the week.

Hope David is home soon to help. At least you have less laundry and we usually go out to eat when James isn't here. Breakfast for dinner goes a long way here and does grilled cheese.

Take Care.


Ann said...

Job? Did I miss something exciting? I remember you talking about doing something during school hours. How is everything working out?

I'll have to ask you and Caroline about the next step for William as he transitions from t-ball. The little guy is beginning to get the idea, but he's a far sight from the big leagues yet...though I'm betting he has potential with his energy level. ;-)

Beth said...

Ann, I work as a merchandiser for Hallmark cards. I set up everything in a Publix and a Kroger. It's a great job for a stay at home mom. I am alway's home to get the kids off the bus. I work about 12 hours a week and during a holiday week it is a little more. I really like it since I work by myself and only see and talk to my boss on occasionaly.

It's hard to remember when Tyler started t-ball. I do remember a lot of the kids would swing and swing and still miss the ball, it was pretty funny.

We are now up to kid pitch and it is pretty boring. Most of the kid's either stike out or walk, rarely do they hit.

Take care.

Caroline said...

Hi Ann,
I would say as long as William has the fundamentals down he could move into a little league situation. Tommy did Park District T-ball 2 years, last year he was so bored, we decided that this year he was going to do something different. If you notice him getting bored with what he is doing it is time to move up. I can't wait for kid pitch, we will be there all day. They take a long time now and you wonder if it will ever end.

I have to tell you we do breakfast for dinner too. Sometimes I move dinner to breakfast because I know they will eat it without complaining because they are hungry, sometimes at dinner they don't want what I have. And at least I know they have eaten well at least one meal.