Wednesday, May 24, 2006

a kind gesture

Today one of my neighbors stopped by while we were out in the yard. I've truly enjoyed getting to know their family. They live right across the street and are in the process of raising two wonderful boys. When I tell you what happened this week you'll understand more...

William adores their younger son "C". C is Jordan's age and William looks up to him as an example. I really feel sorry for C. William follows him around like a little puppy dog, asks him a million questions, interrupts serious neighborhood sporting games, and more. He just likes C and wants to emmulate him. Our neighbor's son is an All American Boy who is mostly interested in baseball, basketball, and street hockey -- serious sport talent in the boy. Despite that he takes the time to talk to William, shows him how to do various sporting moves, and generally befriends a kid 4.5 years younger out of kindness. I've seen him go beyond the call of duty more than once with William.

This week the third grade held a book trading event where the students brought in books to trade and then tickets (earned for good behavior) were exchanged for these books. To her credit, Jordan actually got her brother something during the bartering and even thought of it on her own. Today I was rendered completely speechless when I discovered that C thought of William on that day, too. He got William a Curious George book with tickets which are very valuable currency at school. William was ELATED. He was dancing on air all afternoon. He told several people at random. He couldn't wait to read that book so I stopped cleaning the porch to read it to him. I could actually feel his heart racing during the reading.

There are some days where I don't understand boys. I get frustrated by boy things and, even worse, feel like William is talking another language. Today I saw how WONDERFUL a nine-year-old boy can be. It really touched my heart to know that C did something so kind for William. To my neighbors I say, "Bravo! You've got a treasure in your boys. I only hope William continues to grow and mature in their shadow." Then, of course, I bet they realize that. Thank you anyway.

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Caroline said...

Hi Ann,
Don't you love it when your kids look up to good people and want to be with them and be good too. We have some friends who have 5 kids and they are the best behaved kids I have ever seen and my kids just want to be with them. I took our friends 5 kids and my 2 to McDonalds one day and every one was amazed how well behaved they all were. They seem to rub off on mine, which I don't mind. I need good behavior every now and again.