Friday, May 05, 2006

brush, brush, brush your teeth

So, we are at the dental office on Wednesday. I raced there with all three kids to make the duel appointment for Jordan and William's checkup. They take all of us back at the same time and switch the kids in and out of the dental chair in an effort to make it as efficient of an appointment as necessary. The hygienist is this awesome guy named Jim, Jim has six kids and can bear the chaos that my crew brings. He is awesome with kids. William adores him. I should also mention that our dentist lives in our neighborhood and knows us outside of the dental office.

Jim finishes with Jordan and the puts William in the chair. He has just given Jordan a fluoride treatment and tells her not to eat or drink for an hour. Jordan then sits on the floor next to the stroller and I wrangle Grace while William is in the chair. The dentist comes in and checks out William. Next Jordan goes into the chair. The dentist takes out his pick and starts pulling globs of gunk out of Jordan's mouth. Jim, the hygienist, is about to have a heart attack.

Finally the dentist asks, "Jordan, did you just eat something?"

"Oh yes, I just ate goldfish." she replies.

"But honey, you weren't supposed to eat or drink for an least until the dentist could get a good look into your mouth. Didn't you hear Jim?" I say.

"Ummm, no."

Every adult in the room hangs their head and gets that "you can't win for losing" look on their face. I'm even more mortified because Grace has been eating cheerios in her stroller. Where on earth Jordan got her goldfish snack I have no idea. Maybe it is best not to know.


Caroline said...

Ann, you impress me all the time. You travel with 3 kids so very successfully and have complete control. My kids love going to the doctor and dentist and always ask when can they go back. I just love the enthusiasm you have and your bravery. We all have to be brave as mothers, but you are so open with it.

Ann said...

I'm not sure "brave" and "in control" would be the words that came to you mind if you saw us out and about. Perhaps it is better to read about our escapades.

Don't tell the kids, but I never feel like I have complete control. I just pretend to have control because I am the Mother. :-}

Caroline said...

Don't tell mine either,they would jump on that so quickly. I think any mother is brave if she has to go out with her kids.