Friday, May 19, 2006

there is hope

Yesterday I was folding and sorting laundry on my bed. In a desperate attempt to keep Grace in one spot I began to ask her whose clothing I was holding up. I'd pick up the next item and say, "Whose is this?"


"How about this one?"


"Here's a shirt. Who does it belong to?"

"Jo Jo" (Her choosen nickname for Jordan.)

It only kept her there for 15 pieces of clothing, but I had absolutely no idea that she could determine who the clothing belonged to in the household. I thought shoes were her only obsession. I think I need to get busy training that girl!

While I'm on the topic of kids (riveting, i'm sure) I'll just mention that Grace is obsessed with becoming naked on an hourly basis. It's so bad that she must sleep in onsies of some sort and those aren't foolproof. The little stinker is busy. I don't think I need to mention what a disaster this could be. I actually suspect she's interested in potty training because she's had a few successes...but she chooses to be naked at the absolute worst times. Now I just assume if I'm not watching she'll be naked when I find her. Maybe that is why my parents lived in the country.

On the naked note, I'll close. We've got a busy weekend ahead with t-ball, volleyball, a church picnic, and all the other normal activities. Anyone been watching the season finales of tv shows? My only current obsessions are Grey's Anatomy, 24, and American Idol....and I wouldn't mind watching CSI when I get a chance. Thank goodness for Tivo or I'd never get to watch anything of mine on television.

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Caroline said...

I remember the naked days. And I am glad they are over.
As for season finales, the only one I watch is E.R.